Guillaume Baud

HMONP qualified architect | Manager

“Stone, wood and cement are used to build houses and palaces. It’s ingenuity at work. But all of a sudden, you take it to the heart, you make me feel good, I’m happy, I say: that’s beautiful. This is architecture. Art is here”. This quote from Le Corbusier sums up Guillaume’s path to architecture. It is through attention to detail, constructive truth, sobriety of means and a refusal of the easy that he seeks to bring his production towards an architectural emotion.

  • HMO-NP diploma (habilitation à la maitrise d’œuvre en son nom propre) from Grenoble School of Architecture in 2017.
  • Diplôme d’État d’Architecte from the Marseille School of Architecture in 2016. (Final project: “Conservatoire et auditorium de Morzine: un programme public au croisement de deux centres villes”).
  • Final dissertations: “Tentative definition of mountain architecture in the northern Haute-Savoie” and “Proposed classification of staircases as part of the architectural project”.
  • Degree in “Risk Construction Environment” from the Bourges IUT in 2005
  • BTS “Building” diploma from Lycée La Martinière Monplaisir in Lyon in 2004

Estelle Deffert

HMONP state-qualified architect & interior architect | Co-managing

Estelle works on the continuous development of her projects, which are enriched by the validation of each constituent element throughout the creative process, from the analysis of a site to the formalisation of a living space. Estelle’s architectural designs combine intuition, rationalism and poetic harmony.

  • Member of the Ordre des Architectes since 2010
  • HMO-NP diploma (habilitation à la maitrise d’œuvre en son nom propre) from Grenoble School of Architecture in 2010
  • State Diploma in Architecture from the Paris Val de Seine School of Architecture in 2009
  • Final dissertation “Le bonheur dans la tour: de l’utopie à la réalité” (“Happiness in the tower: from utopia to reality”)
  • University exchange year (Master 1) in San Louis Obispo, California in 2018
  • BTS diploma in “Space Design” from ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres in Paris in 2005

Anaïs Cesca

Construction Economist I Referent to construction economics and work monitoring

Originally from Samoens, Anaïs worked for more than 8 years as a construction economist before joining the Deffert-Baud architecture agency, including 5 years honing her knowledge with fellow architects in mountain areas. By joining our team, it is quite natural that she becomes a reference for the agency’s works division to bring her professionalism and rigor as an experienced economist to projects.

  • Higher Technician Certificate “Construction Economics” in 2015

Tom-Alexandre Peillon

State Qualified Architect I Draughtsman

Tom developed a course that took him from the study of materials to architecture. His choice to spend his years of architectural studies in two different schools was motivated by the search for varied teaching. It was through the discovery of Swiss architecture and in particular the relevance of its relationship to the site that he decided to choose the mountain as a testing ground for his architectural practice. Since his time using Archicad software, Tom has been the agency’s 3D referent.

  • Diplôme d’État d’Architecte “Architecture des Milieux, territoires, Paysages” from the Ecole d’Architecture de Paris Val de Seine in 2021
  • Final dissertation “Parking in mutation, what issues for the 21st century”.
  • Degree in Architecture from the Montpellier School of Architecture in 2019
  • Research “Architecture and individual mobility, one at the service of the other”.
  • DUT in Materials Science and Engineering at the Blois IUT in 2016

Amélie Muffat

Architecture student I Long-term intern

Amélie is currently a student at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Saint-Etienne. The school decided to set up a long-term internship scheme to give students significant experience of working in an architectural practice. Amélie decided to spend her 6-month work placement at Deffert-Baud Architecture, spread over the 2 years of her Masters, bringing a fresh perspective to the agency’s projects.

  • Master of Architecture at the Saint-Etienne School of Architecture in progress
  • Degree in Architecture from the Saint-Etienne School of Architecture in 2021

Esteban Gaillard

Construction Economist I Assistant for construction economics and work monitoring

Esteban chose the economic management of construction as the main focus of his training as a higher technician. Originally from Montriond, Esteban decided to put his specific knowledge into practice within an agency working mainly on the issue of architecture in the Alpine environment. He is a valuable asset to assist in the preparation and management phases of the execution of part of the work managed by the agency.

  • Brevet de Technicien Supérieur “Management Economique de la Construction” Lycée Roger Deschaux de Sassenage in 2023

Deffert-Baud Architecture is constantly on the lookout for new skills to add to its team. We look forward to receiving your application. We also regularly take on trainees on Masters courses.